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[ FRANSAR ] PremiumLashes – 0,10 D MIX

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PremiumLashes – 0,10 D är lyxiga ögonfransförlängningar som erbjuder en hållbar och högkvalitativ lösning för en förtrollande blick. Med en storleksvariation från 6 till 13 mm, passar dessa fransar perfekt för alla ögonformer och skapar en skräddarsydd look. De är designade för att vara lätta och mjuka, vilket säkerställer en bekväm användning. Dessa fransar har en D-böj som ger en dramatisk och öppen ögonlook, vilket gör dem till ett idealiskt val för dem som söker en perfektionerad och lyxig ögonfransförstärkning.

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In the bustling metropolis of beauty and grace, where every glance is a statement and every flutter a tale, there exists a product that stands as the epitome of allure and sophistication: the FRANSAR PremiumLashes – 0,10 D. These are not mere eyelash extensions; they are the artisans of your eyes’ poetry, the silent composers of your gaze’s symphony.

Crafted with the utmost precision, the FRANSAR PremiumLashes are a testament to luxury and durability. Each strand is a whisper of elegance, ranging from the demure 6 mm, a subtle hint of charm, to the captivating 13 mm, a bold declaration of beauty. This exquisite assortment, the 6-13 mm MIX, ensures that every eye shape is graced with its perfect match, its true companion in the dance of seduction and allure.

The 0,10 D thickness is a marvel of engineering, a balance struck between the natural and the dramatic. It is the golden mean that bestows upon your eyes a volume that is both significant and refined, a statement that is bold yet never brash. The D-Böj, or D-Curl, is the crescendo of this masterpiece, a curve so divine that it rivals the arches of nature’s grandest rainbows. It lifts and accentuates, creating an open, awake look that captivates and enthralls.

The touch of FRANSAR PremiumLashes is a feather’s caress, light and soft, promising comfort that lasts throughout the day and into the night. They are the guardians of your comfort, ensuring that beauty never comes with the price of pain. The ease of application is a dream realized, allowing for a seamless integration with your natural lashes, a union so perfect that it is indistinguishable from the real.

But the true value of FRANSAR PremiumLashes lies not just in their aesthetic appeal. It is in the confidence they bestow upon the wearer, the transformative power that turns a simple look into a statement, a mere glance into a story. With these lashes, you are not just enhancing your beauty; you are crafting your narrative, one that speaks of elegance, confidence, and a grace that is uniquely yours.

In a world where every detail counts and every enhancement matters, FRANSAR PremiumLashes – 0,10 D stand as a beacon of perfection. They are not just lashes; they are the fine brushstrokes on the canvas of your identity, the final flourish on the masterpiece that is you.

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Dimensioner 12 × 4 × 2 cm

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